beautiful woman wearing makeup with an updo
The 'Ice Cream' Makeup Hack Is The Easiest Way To Lift And Sculpt Your Face
The ice cream contour facelift trick, originated by TikTok creator @rikkisandhuu, requires a little concealer, blush, and some contour to be applied on the face in layers.
The three layers of makeup products look a lot like Neapolitan ice cream on your face before they’re all blended together, hence the name.
For that “snatched” look, choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone, and use a fluffy brush to blend everything together seamlessly.
Before the initial application, @rikkisandhuu recommends staying in the area between your eyebrow and your cheekbone to ensure the best “lifting” effect.
Apply a thin layer of concealer diagonally from the corner of your forehead to the edge of your eye, then apply contour underneath, and lastly, cream blush.
Then, simply blend the three layers together with your fluffy makeup brush. Repeat on the other side of the face for a ridiculously easy, "non-surgical" facelift.