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The Importance Of Expiration Dates On Natural Beauty Products
Over time, consumers have become more apprehensive about what they use on their bodies, prompting discussions about the ingredients found in mainstream beauty products and opting to use natural products instead. Unfortunately, natural beauty products expire more readily than your average stock.
Natural beauty products generally have a maximum shelf life of six months as they lack preservatives, which cause the products to go bad sooner. Although some natural products can include preservatives like gluconolactone, rosemary extract, tea tree oil, and salicylic acid, these are not too effective.
While some natural beauty products show signs of expiry — like, change in color, texture, and smell — others do not. Keep track of when you first opened your natural products to best gauge whether it’s time to retire them, as using expired natural beauty and cosmetic products can lead to rashes, breakouts, or infections caused by bacteria.