The Important Thing To Know Before You Get A Birth Control
There are many forms of birth control out there and IUDs are rising in popularity with 11.6% of American women having one. IUDs are inserted into the cervix until it reaches the uterus and while the procedure is short, you’ll want a proper head’s up before you make the decision to get one.
Many doctors will tell you that it feels like a pinch to have an IUD inserted, but many women have claimed that they were in a lot of pain during and after the procedure. One of the tools you might not know about is the tenaculum, which is used to pierce your cervix in order to keep the IUD in place, according to Aspivix.
Many patients claimed to have not known about the procedure beforehand and said doctors didn’t explain how it goes or how much pain they could potentially experience. General anesthesia isn’t available for this procedure, so most doctors will advise the patient to take pain medication beforehand or they may be able to give you a local numbing cream.