The Jewelry Items To Leave In Your Luggage When Traveling
Multi-Finger Rings
Any piece of jewelry that alters the way your body appears in a scan or that contains too much metal can set off alarms at airport security. Rings that temporarily fuse two or more fingers together definitely fall under these categories.
Chunky Earrings
Studs or dainty dangling earrings aren't usually enough to set off airport security alarms. Large, bulky earrings, on the other hand, contain enough metal to cause you a potential setback.
Stacked Bracelets
If you're a devotee to the stacked bracelet lifestyle, you may want to reconsider your choice, at least while you're flying. Stacking adds more metal and creates more bulk, which increases your chances of setting off a metal detector.
Belt Buckles
A typical belt with a standard buckle will usually get you through airport security unscathed. However, wearing a belt with a large, decorative buckle is a surefire way to set off the alarm bells.
Bulky Watches
A small watch made of a fine metal, like gold or silver, is unlikely to set off any alarms at the airport. If you're more of a bulky watch fan, though, you might want to pack it in your luggage and rely on other methods for telling time.