Contouring makeup on beautiful woman
The 'Lightbulb' Contour Technique That Can Leave Your Face Snatched
Since contouring is such a customizable makeup technique, makeup artists, even celebrities, frequently like sharing advice on how to get the perfect contour. Recently Jennifer Lopez revealed her tips for a “lightbulb” contour, which is perfect for anyone who would like a sharper jawline and an overall angular appearance.
Lopez began by applying a concealer that was two shades lighter than her face and placed it in the inner corner of her eyes, around her nose, and anywhere she felt there was darkness. Lopez then mixed a few different contour shades from the Bobbi Brown collection to get the perfect shade for her.
While Lopez applies the contour above her cheekbone, around her forehead, and hairline, what creates her signature "lightbulb" effect is the application of the contour down her jawline and around the center of her neck. From there, she takes a slightly lighter contour shade to add to her nose, before blending her makeup.
After the lightbulb contouring method, the singer prefers to apply her foundation over the product and starts by mixing her three favorite shades to match her skin. Lopez then dips the foundation brush into her foundation and starts blending everywhere to create the perfect glowing base.