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The Lip Liner Hack That Gives You Plenty Of Pouty, Plumping Benefits
TikTok is bursting with new beauty trends every day, and one beauty trend that’s taking over the platform by storm is the “inner-lining” trend. This trick aims to plump the lips and give the appearance of a “fuller” look, and the good news is, it’s incredibly easy to do.
First, prep your lips so you have a smooth canvas, then line your lips as you traditionally would, along the outside edges of your lips. Then, use the same lip liner, apply some in the center of your lips in a small circular shape, and fill in your lips with the shade of your choice, but if you want a more natural look, gently rub your lips together to blend the lip liner.
Take this trend to the next level by using a nude shade lip liner to make your lips appear plumper and bigger. Nude shades are colors that closely resemble your natural skin tone, so it may not even look like you’re wearing any lip products at all, or you can go for the bold route and pick a fierce color to use for this hack.