The Love Language Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely
To Have
Capricorns value their independence and seek value in their drive for success, so hearing positive words of affirmation will push their drive even further. Tell them how their diligence and willpower are inspirational and take them on a relaxing date to get away from their busy life.
Because of their passion for changing the world and the fact that they enjoy helping others more than themselves, Aquarians view acts of service as their love language. Intellectual outings like museums are great for communicating your humanitarian side to your Aquarius partner.
Pisces are empathetic individuals who just want to give and give while expecting nothing in return, so they enjoy quality time with their partner. Senior astrologer Narayana Montufar states that Pisces enjoy activities such as “...movies, musical concerts, magic shows, and even poetry or stargazing nights.”
Aries signs are competitive and sometimes aggressive, so you can win an Aries over with words confirming their status. Astrologer Lisa Stardust writes, "If you're an Aries, you'll want to show off your fiery and fun side by letting your date see the physical activities you excel at.”
Taurus is stubborn, materialistic, and practical, so they know the difference between cheap things and things that will last. By showering your Taurus with quality gifts and going to nice locations for dates, you're showing them you can appreciate standards.