Close-up face of young pretty girl with big eyebrow
The Low-Commitment Way To Get Thin, Ever-Trendy '90s Brows
Eyebrow Pencil
Use an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color, then start with the center of your eyebrow and draw a defined eyebrow shape. Then, draw a thin, curved line extending out of your eyebrow because the goal is
to make your eyebrows have a
wide, super thin arch.
Brow Gel
For a drastic eyebrow change without hair removal, use a brow gel to manipulate your eyebrow shape by combing out the hairs. After applying the gel, brush the hairs up, then smooth the hair down, pushing it along the arch shape you drew with the eyebrow gel.
Play With Light
You can manipulate your eyebrows to look skinny without having to pluck them. The key is to emphasize features by attracting more light to them, so apply extra highlighter to your brow bone and along the area below your brow to make them appear skinnier.