Jennifer Aniston arriving on the red carpet with even skin tone
The Makeup Artist Hack For Evening Your Body Skin Tone
Have you ever seen a celebrity on the red carpet and marveled at how flawless their skin looked from head to toe? It's because they use makeup to even out their all-over skin tone.
Your body doesn't require a full makeup application; you can use a tinted moisturizer instead. Create your own by mixing a few drops of your foundation into body moisturizer.
You can apply it with your hand but use a large brush or self-tanning mitt for larger areas. Body oil is a great alternative; top it off with a highlighting cream or powder.
If you aren’t in a time crunch, self-tanners are great and last for several days. However, before applying the product, exfoliate your body to get an even application.
You can also use a light coat of powder foundation to even out large areas of skin. After applying, spritz some setting spray over the makeup so it doesn’t transfer.