The Mind And Body Benefits You May Be Missing From Not Cleaning
When anxiety strikes, many of us turn to meditation or exercise to de-stress, but this solution may be your new go-to. A home should be tranquil and peaceful, but where clutter is taking over, you may feel more stressed and anxious, so cleaning might be your way to a peaceful and calm mind.
There is a direct correlation between how we feel and how we maintain our spaces, so a clear home will result in a clear mind. Organizing your space makes you feel calmer and in control, but on the other hand, seeing clutter and disorder will lead to stress, feeling overwhelmed, and trouble focusing.
The first step towards an organized home and mind is by taking a small area, whether a corner of a room or a closet, and focusing solely on that space. Another strategy is to have one clutter-free space and slowly expand this idea to other places in your home, and you’ll quickly realize how an organized home positively affects your mental and physical health.