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The Mistakes To Avoid If You Want Your Partner To Open Up More To You
Don't Be Visibly Disgusted By Your Partner's Truths
Your partner will instantly regret opening up if your expression shows disgust. Refrain from making judgmental faces and hold back from making unhelpful comments.
Don't Laugh At What Your Partner Reveals
When your partner divulges uncomfortable truths, it puts them in a vulnerable position. It’s your job to hold back any laughter so they feel heard and validated.
Avoid Applying Too Much Pressure
Applying too much pressure to get your partner to communicate may have the opposite effect. If your partner feels you’re forcing an issue, they might shut down more than before.
Don’t Overshare Your Secrets
Just because you’re an open book doesn’t mean your partner has to be. Oversharing risks your partner knowing everything about you without sharing anything in return.
Respect Your Partner’s Boundaries
Healthy relationships are built on solid foundations with clear boundaries in place. If you truly love and respect your partner, you’ll respect the walls they have put up for now.