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The Moisturizer Hack Than Can Help Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long
A good moisturizer can keep your skin ever smooth and supple, soothe irritations, prevent acne breakouts, and slow down the manifestations of aging signs. Another lesser-known benefit of moisturizing cream or lotion is that it can help your perfume remain longer on your skin, so here's how to get the most out of your moisturizer and your scent all day long.
According to beauty and wellness content creator Anastazia Dupee, "Apply an unscented moisturizer where you're going to apply your fragrance," and it will last longer on your skin. The best places for your perfume to sit are the warm spots on your body, such as your inner elbows, below your belly button, behind your ear lobes, your inner wrists, and over your chest.
Melina Polly, CEO of perfume brand Henry Rose, says “Fragrance binds to the oils in your skin, so applying it after your body lotion or oil creates a better surface for the scent molecules to bind to.” Hydrated skin is the perfect medium for the perfume oils to attach to the skin, enabling the fragrance to leave a lasting trace on your body.