The Most Flattering Hair Colors If You Have Green Eyes
The brightness of blond pairs well with the lightness of green eyes, giving a natural, beautiful look. While many people expect to see blue eyes with blond hair, green eyes look just as gorgeous with blond locks, providing an unexpectedly unique twist to a classic combination.
Light Brown
If you have dark brown hair and don't want to commit to dying it blond, consider going for a light brown hair color instead. Something about the combination of light brown tresses and bright green eyes exudes such a sweet, charming vibe for pure, delicate beauty.
In striking contrast, black hair never fails to make green eyes pop to perfection. While blond and light brown tresses with green eyes give off a wholesome girl-next-door vibe, rocking black hair with green eyes makes the disparate but bold colors both stand out.
The rare combo of red hair and green eyes is super fun and bursting with vibrancy. Since green and red are opposing hues on the color wheel, flaunting the two colors together will never fail to make a wild statement, whether you opt for a vivid orange tint or a more subtle auburn.
Gray tresses with green eyes are an underrated yet beautiful combination. Since gray hair is neutral and green eyes are so colorful and unusual, gray locks can offer something of a blank canvas that will bring all the attention to the greenness of your eyes.