The Nail Design Trends That Will Be Major In 2023
Airbrushed nails were huge in the 90s and have made a huge comeback in 2022, which will surely carry on to 2023. The technique involves spraying water-based paint on the nails using a hand-held air-powered spray instrument and stencils that can feature many different designs.
3D Nail Art
A 3D manicure is a three-dimension nail art that goes beyond nail polish and requires a high level of detail in visualization. To make your nail art pop, elements such as rhinestones, glitter, or melted plastic are glued to the fingernails on top of the nail coat using nail gel or acrylic.
The milk-bath is a sheer manicure and is when your nails are done to almost match your natural nail color. You can stick to semi-transparent nudes or any shade that's close to your natural nail color and they go with all types of outfits and settings.
Patent Leather
The key to achieving the perfect patent leather look is choosing rich hues, like burgundy, black, cocoa, and crocodile green, with reflective finishes. Short square nails are low-maintenance, make everyday activities easier, and break less easily.
Glazed Donut & Earthy
Trending in 2022, glazed donut nails will continue to be big in 2023, but you’ll see them in different colors like shades of blues, greens, and purples with a snow-like metallic finish. Celebrity nail artist Jin Soon Choi adds that " Aside from blue, there will be a pull towards more natural, earthy colors such as shades of clay, putty, and rich brown.”