The Naked Glitter Nail Trend Adds
A Touch Of Sophistication
To A Sparkly Mani
Shiny Gleamy Nails
To make these nails pop some more, add a base color close to your natural nails on the bottom for the glitter to really shine through. Nail artist and designer Stephanie Loesch showcased how subtle beige and glitter can be all you need for a sparkling new manicure.
Barely There Nails
To pull off this trend, your nails should look like there isn’t any color on them, so start off with a layer of clear coat and add glitter polish to the top of your nails. To keep it simple, you can skip the clear coat and head straight for the glitter polish.
Add More Glitter
You can never have too much glitter, so instead of adding only one coat of glitter, try adding multiple layers. Make sure you use a polish with only smaller flecks of glitter instead of bigger ones because using small glitter flecks will make it appear like the glitter is packed on your nail more.
Add A Clear White Coat
Another way to add some interest to your naked glitter nail is by applying a barely there milky white base coat to your nail while adding a soft glitter top coat. Applying light white nail polish to your nail will give your glitter something to contrast against and give it an extra shine.
Make It Ombre
Give your nails an ombré twist to help keep them interesting and unique. Instead of adding a glitter coat to your entire nail, use a sponge to gently add it to your nail tips, and you can keep your nails natural or add a subtle base coat to give your glitter something to contrast against.
Don’t Forget The Gold
Adding a little gold to your nails is a fun way to liven up any trend, and can turn any manicure into a chic and sophisticated design. Add any base color you want, preferably colors close to your skin or nail color to help the glitter pop.