The Negative Ways Stress Can Show On Your Skin
There are obvious tell-tale signs when our bodies are too overwhelmed by stress, and one is the effect it has on our skin. Stress wreaks havoc on our skin, but experts say the most important thing we can do for our skin when we’re stressed is to let it breathe.
According to Healthline, stress affects the “barrier function of your stratum corneum,” which leads to your skin holding less water, causing it to dry up. If you’re prone to breakouts, stress affects your cortisol and leads to more acne, and stress can also aggravate the skin and cause eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and even hives.
If you have poor skin due to stress, don’t reach for the expensive serums and creams, but instead try meditation, since experts believe it can help your skin build back the outer layer of protection and lessen oil-production. Stress is inevitable, but you should always find time to relax and meditate for the sake of your health and skin.