Jenna Ortega posing.
The One Rule That Can Help Determine If Short Hair Is For You
The short hair rule, sometimes called the 2.25 rule, uses measurements of your face and jawline to determine how well short hair would work for your head shape.
Developed by famed stylist John Frieda, the key threshold for having short hair is a jawline that’s less than 2.25 inches long. You can use this rule to find the best cut for you.
First, measure from your earlobe to your chin in a straight vertical line. Take a ruler and a straight-edge item that’s at least as long as the width of your face, like a pencil.
Hold the pencil or other straight-edged item at the bottom of your chin with the pencil positioned so that it’s horizontally parallel to the floor.
Then, hold the ruler vertically next to your face with the 0 inches mark just touching the end of your earlobe. Once both devices are in position, look at yourself in the mirror.
The pencil (or alternate straight-edge item) should cross over the ruler. Whatever measuring mark is at that intersection spot is the length of your jaw.
If your jawline is less than 2.25 inches long, short hair will probably look great on you. If it measures more than 2.25 inches, you may want to stick to a longer hairstyle.