Beautiful woman applying mascara on her eyelashes
The Perfect Time To Wait Between Mascara Swipes To Avoid Clumps And Flakes
One of the most popular beauty products is mascara, and with good reason—having long, dark lashes instantly enlarges and revitalizes the eyes. But if you're a beginner at applying makeup or are fed up with clumpy lashes, try this tip to achieve a flawless, hassle-free finish.
Swipe on the first coat of mascara by wiggling the wand in tiny zig-zag motions, and wait about 15 to 30 seconds before applying the second coat. However, don't wait any longer than that, or your mascara will fully dry and cause the second layer to go on clumpy.
After applying the second coat, remove any excess product with a lash comb so that it may not fall off during the day and irritate your eyes or leave smudges. If your lashes need another layer, use a light hand because too much product will leave your lashes looking cakey.