The Ponytail Method Makes Cutting Your Hair At Home A Breeze
If you’re thinking about cutting your hair at home, this TikTok trend, called the ponytail, or “unicorn,” haircut, will have you rocking bouncy, layered locks. In a TikTok video, user @gemini.jen demonstrated the method by putting her hair into a high ponytail, holding it up, and trimming off the ends with her scissors.
Another user, @_monique_, shared a more detailed version of the unicorn haircut by flipping a ponytail in front of her face, sectioning it off with her fingers, and trimming the ends. She repeated the process two more times by flipping smaller ponytail sections in front of her face and trimming their ends off too.
The ponytail haircut, while super affordable and easy, is ideal for long hair; for those with short hair looking to get the shaggy and layered look, however, it’s best to see a pro. Hairstylist Erickson Arrunategui says, “This method may work for someone with wavy or curly fine hair, where the mistakes won't show as much.”