The Relationship Between Attachment Styles And Commitment Issues
When dissecting why people have commitment issues, one explanation has to do with their attachment style, which some believe is conceived in childhood and shaped by early relationships with parents. When trying to understand commitment issues, it's important to have a healthy knowledge of attachment styles to discover where these issues may stem from.
An avoidant attachment style means that someone goes out of their way to avoid emotional intimacy to protect their own space. They often seek their own company as opposed to seeking long-term companionship, and they may have a negative view of their partner’s kind actions due to not knowing how to manage their emotions when getting close to another person.
Someone with a disorganized attachment style can give mixed signals to their partner, show inconsistent behavior, and suffer serious trust issues. This attachment style is created from having a fearful relationship with their parents, since when children learn to be scared of someone they are supposed to love, it creates a serious conflict within themselves.