BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 07: Anna Winter is seen wearing black shades, black sleeveless top, heart shape pendant necklace, beige cargo midi skirt, black shiny leather bag and black Converse platform high top sneaker, during Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023, on September 07, 2022 in Berlin. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)
The Return Of The Cargo Skirt Proves Fashion's '90s Obsession Isn't Going Anywhere
Black Cargo Maxi Skirt
A black cargo maxi skirt is very comfortable and versatile enough to work with any kind of top. Pair it with black boots, sunnies, and bag, combined with a boxy leather jacket, for an easy way to rock a monochromatic look that’s chic and edgy at the same time.
Green Cargo Mini Skirt
Military green is a color that you can wear all year ‘round. Combining a green cargo mini skirt with a dainty off-the-shoulder white top for the warmer months is a great way to mix feminine style with a military-looking piece.
Satin Cargo Maxi Skirt
While it’s common to think of cargo skirts being made in fabrics like khaki, denim, or twill, they can also be made in softer materials like silk or satin. Apart from feeling heavenly on the skin, a silk or satin cargo skirt tends to hug the curves a bit more.
Ivory Cargo Midi Skirt
Spring is all about leaving dark shades behind, so a light ivory cargo midi skirt is a safe choice for the coming season. It looks great with any skin tone, and it can be rocked with pieces of similar or contrasting shades.
Brown Cargo Maxi Skirt
A must for those who prefer earthy shades, brown cargo skirts look casual yet put together and work incredibly well with other earthy tones, such as green or beige. And while all materials are fair game, brown cargo skirts look exceptionally stylish in a twill or pleather fabric.