woman with face mask and cucumber slices on her eyes
The Sanitary Reason To Use A Brush To Apply Your Face Masks
Face masks (the skincare kind) are a luxury, so it’s important to apply them correctly. Because they don't spread bacteria, clean brushes are the best way to apply your face masks.
Applying skincare of any kind with your hands is a risk since hand-washing doesn't completely eliminate bacteria, which can impact your skin and lessen the benefits of a mask.
Opting for a brush is not only cleaner, but is better for spreading the product evenly, which allows the benefits of the mask to work on the entire face in equal measure.
If the product is a clay mask, a flat brush with bristles is best. The Herbivore Botanicals Mask Applicator Brush has a flat shape and works great for spreading product.
If the mask has a gel-like or creamy consistency, try a silicone brush. The Florence by Mills Silicone Face Mask Brush is ideal for spreading the product evenly around the face.