The Scandinavian Sleep Method May Just Be The Secret To Better Rest
When you transition from solo sleeping to sharing a bed, it can be quite a process to develop a new, shared sleep style that’s comfortable for both parties. Before you give up and swap your king-size mattress for a pair of twin beds, there may be something else you can try for better rest: a trendy bedtime approach known as the Scandinavian sleep method.
The Scandinavian approach involves ditching the top sheet and cuddling under your own individual quilt or duvet instead of sharing blankets with your partner. One of the key advantages of this method is individual comfort, since having your own blanket means that you can regulate your own temperature for an ideal sleep experience.
This technique isn’t for everyone; if you’re a snuggler, you may feel cut off from your partner, and it won’t help with troublesome sleep disorders like chronic snoring. Still, if you’re constantly dragged awake by bedding that’s too hot, too cold, or being stolen by your partner, the Scandinavian sleep method may help you achieve a more satisfying bedtime experience.