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The 'Shullet' Is The Trendy Haircut To Try If You're Not Ready To Commit To A Mullet
What is a Shullet?
2023 is the year of the portmanteau haircut and the “shullet" is one of those ‘dos currently making waves. A blending of two styles: the shag and the mullet, this haircut is a tousled take on the Southern classic.
A Shullet
The appeal of mullets can be seen in the popularity of recent hairstyles like the wolf cut, which offers a less extreme version of the traditional mullet. The shullet is a new option that allows for bold cuts and varied lengths while still maintaining volume and growth.
The Haircut
The shullet is a softer in-between style that uses gradual face-framing to transition from a shorter front to a longer back. Unlike traditional mullets, the shullet avoids sharp bangs and distinct layers.
Hair Type
Due to its reliance on a shaggy look, the shullet is a great style refresh for people with thicker, textured hair. Although it's certainly not required, this new trend is a perfect excuse to get a perm or invest in that texture spray you've been eyeing.
Styled or Free-Flowing
This cut leaves you with plenty of volume to play with. You can rock the messy look or diffuse your locks into more controlled curls or waves.
Spring-Reset / Summer-Ready
A beloved spring style, this cut provides a sense of newness that you crave this time of year, without limiting your summer options. Come July, you'll either have gained the confidence to go full mullet or started growing out your chic, beachy layers.