a woman with a messy bun
The Simple TikTok Hack That Will Keep Your Hairstyle From Moving
The latest TikTok hair hack uses a scrunchie to help create a super secure, messy bun. It was popularized by TikTok user Nichole Ciotti (@nichole.ciotti).
In the clip, Ciotti makes a low ponytail and pulls a big fabric scrunchie over the hair's base. Rather than securing the ponytail, she twists the scrunchie around it.
She finishes by pulling the hair up to the base, forming a bun, and securing it with the scrunchie. It's a bit confusing, so watch the video a few times to get the hang of it.
Since you need sufficient length to twist and wrap the hair, those with short hair may struggle with this hack. However, those with longer hair should be able to pull it off.
For those with long, thick hair, one commenter offered their advice: "Get a longer/bigger elastic and it works!! It took me forever to realize it's just my crazy thick hair."
A commenter offered a modification: "Make [a] regular pony but leave the initial bun loop. Then take a 2nd band to do the twisty hand flip & put [the] 2nd loop over the 1st loop."