Portrait shot of a woman with a slob haircut
The 'Slob' Haircut Is No Slacker Look, And It's Perfect For A Cool-Girl Vibe
The “slob” haircut is a portmanteau of “sleek” and “bob.” It is all one length, unlike a regular bob that is cut higher in the back and lower in the front.
Add Color
Elevate the slob haircut by adding some bold or subtle highlights. You can also experiment with lowlights or a balayage style to show more of your natural roots.
Short Slob
A shorter slob style that ends right below your ear will give your hair more shape and volume. It’s also a low maintenance cut that doesn’t require a lot of styling.
Shoulder Length
If you don’t want to sacrifice too much length, cut it right above or just below your shoulders. To achieve a sleek look, part your hair down the middle.