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The Sneaky Side Effects Of Biotin
Acne Breakouts
Many people who are acne prone reported breakouts when taking biotin supplements, and Dr. Marisa Garshick explains, “This can lead to a relative decrease in vitamin B5, which is thought to help prevent breakouts.” She adds that acne should subside after you stop taking the supplements.
Biotin is water soluble, which means your body will expel whatever it does not need, so taking a higher dosage of biotin does not mean you will reap more benefits. Higher dosages can also lead to skin issues, such as rashes.
Skews Blood Tests
The FDA states that taking biotin before a blood test can "significantly interfere with certain lab tests and cause incorrect test results..." while studying the supplement they found "an increase in the number of reported adverse events [injuries associated with medical care], including one death, related to biotin interference with lab tests."
Negatively Affects Medications
Biotin affects how the liver breaks down certain medications which could lead to the medication losing its effectiveness overall. This is why it’s important to be transparent with your doctor and tell them what supplements you’re using.