Woman standing outside soaking in a beautiful spring day with her arms stretched above her head
The Spring Equinox Is Time To Embrace Renewal And Rebirth
For those who reside in the Northern Hemisphere, the 2023 spring equinox — the official beginning of spring — took place on Monday, March 20 at 5:24 p.m. EST. While the spring equinox is a deeply meaningful time for the Earth and its botanical beauty, it also holds tremendous meaning from a spiritual and astrological standpoint.
Planning Into Action
The dark, cold days and long nights of late autumn and winter are made for assessing where you are in life, healing what needs to be healed, and carefully crafting a plan for moving in the direction of your choice. Once the spring equinox arrives it’s time to take your plans, move into the next phase of life, and watch your dreams fall into place.
Connect With Nature
The most effective way to shift your brain and body out of hibernation mode and back into action after a long, dark winter is to get out into nature. Get outside and let the newly abundant sunshine touch your skin or consider cultivating a garden or giving a single houseplant a new home on your windowsill.
Release Stagnant Energy
When spring arrives, it brings with it an energetic breath of fresh air from Mother Nature, which you can make room for by cleaning your physical environment and removing all the items that no longer serve you. You can also cleanse the energy in your space using smoke, sound, crystals, or salt.
Invite New, Clean Energy
Once you've cleansed your living space of old, stagnant, outgrown energy, don't forget to invite new energy in. Consider repeating the cleansing of your energetic space on a regular schedule, perhaps as often as monthly or weekly — this triggers a mental reset and a clean slate for yourself and your goals.