Skin care treatment with golden foil
The Strangest Beauty Treatments You Can Get Today
Snail Mucin Facial
Snail slime, or mucin, has been found to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fight acne, and be extremely moisturizing. You can even opt for a live snail facial — as the snails slither across your skin, they leave behind slimy skin-healthy goodness.
Placental Stem Cell Facial
The placenta has become increasingly popular for use in skin care due to its rich antioxidant and stem cell content, and its anti-inflammatory properties. Placental treatments involve microneedling followed by applying placental extracts to the skin.
Brazilian Hair Burning
Velaterapia, otherwise known as Brazilian hair burning or candle haircutting, is a procedure that purportedly does away with split ends by using fire to burn them off. It is also said to prevent dryness and future breakage while leaving hair soft and shiny.
Nightingale Facial
Also known as “the bird poop facial,” this treatment utilizes the excrement of the Japanese bush warbler. Eastern and Western advocates alike insist that the process produces softer, smoother, and brighter skin thanks to enzymes found in the bird droppings.
Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy
Colloquially dubbed the vampire facial, this procedure uses platelets drawn from a client's own blood to address skin complaints like aging and acne scarring. This microneedling process is costly, but PRP has scientifically-proven results.