Portrait of pretty young woman sitting on chair dressed in comfy sweater. Beautiful smiling girl feeling comfortable posing in studio on beige background. Winter and beauty concept
The Sweater-Tucking Hack That Will
Give You A Polished Look
Sweater With A Dress
You can still wear your sundress even if it’s a little chilly outside because you can use the sweater-tucking hack. Use a belt on top of the sweater to achieve the tucked look, or put the belt directly on the dress and fold it upward like in the image above.
Layered Look With Jeans
Instead of the typical sweater-jean combo, try the sweater hack for a super relaxed vibe. You can even tuck in the sweater until you show off a sliver of your midriff like in the photo above.
Mix & Match Prints
Mixing prints is stylish and chic, and Instagram user @bresheppard shows off a tucked cheetah print sweater dress with patterned pants. If you are a pattern-mixing novice, try sticking to pieces with the same shade range to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed.
Loose Sweater Dress
Turn your long, baggy, ill-fitting sweater dress into a dress that gives you a beautiful shape and dimension. You can secure a belt or a string around your waist to cinch the dress for a defined look.
Cropped & Casual
For a super-cropped look, use the sweater hack with a thin sweater that already has a slight crop to it. Pair the top with casual jeans and tennis shoes for a very relaxed and stylish outfit.