woman using an eyelash curler
The TikTok Eyelash Curler Hack That Can Give Sky-high Lashes
The traditional way to use an eyelash curler is by holding the tool right-side up, with the handle below the eyes, but TikToker Audrey Boos uses a more unconventional technique.
In her Tiktok video, which got over one million likes, Boos curls her right eyelashes normally and then curls the left side upside down with the curler’s handle above her eyebrows.
While curling, Boos notes that she doesn't clamp her lashes from the root. She begins curling them mid-shaft instead, leaving her with eyelashes that are sticking straight up.
Afterwards, Boos’ left eye looked dramatically distinct. According to her, the hack makes the eyelashes “look 10x longer” as they get curled in “an L-shaped curl instead of a C.”
Other hacks for voluminous lashes include using face powder on your eyelashes, heating your eyelash curler with a blow dryer, and wiggling your mascara wand through your lashes.