Close up of woman with perfectly applied highlighter
The TikTok Hack That Ensures Your Highlighter Makes All The Right Places Shine
Highlighter is the perfect addition to your makeup routine if you want a little bit of glow, but makeup artist Jami Svay warns, “Wearing highlighter in the wrong place can give you the opposite of a luminous effect.” Svay says to use highlighter “where the light naturally touches your face, like the brow bone, bridge of the nose and along the cheekbones.”
TikTok user Sianmakeup told her followers, “the most amount of product should be [in the lower section of the cheek] and then as we move further up the cheekbone, it gets less and less and less.” She also recommends applying highlighter down the bridge of the nose, to your inner eye, and above your cupid’s bow and your bottom lip right where it begins to curve.
If you’ve applied too much highlighter, grab a makeup brush or sponge that’s free of any product, then gently wipe, dab, or buff off any unwanted highlighter. You can use a cream or liquid concealer to cover it up or opt for setting powder to remove excess shine from the highlighter.