Shot of a young woman applying bronzer to her face with a makeup brush while looking in her bathroom mirror
The TikTok Hack That Proves Bronzer Is A Makeup Multitool
There are many ways to incorporate bronzer into your makeup routine, like applying it to the hollows of your cheeks and jawline to give the bones a visual boost or using it on your lips to plump them up. Now a new TikTok bronzer hack has garnered mass approval and one celebrity is all about it.
Selena Gomez recently revealed she uses the hack, saying, “I love adding bronzer to my eyelids and using it as an eyeshadow because it looks so natural.” You can elevate this hack by using a flat eyeshadow brush to pop bronzer to your top lash line as well as the bottom.
It’s important to pick a bronzer that will best suit your skin tone, and makeup artist Danessa Myricks recommends, “When selecting a bronzer, think about what naturally happens when you're in the sun.” Power bronzer works with any skin type, and a cream bronzer is great for a long-lasting natural look.