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The TikTok Viral 'Demi Method' Explained
TikTok's "demi method," or micro concealing, is a beauty trend using tonal shades to neutralize skin tone and spot-conceal blemishes for a barely-there look and feel.
Targeting skin concerns like dark circles, acne scars, melasma, and sun spots, the Demi Method doesn't use thick base layers that cause creases.
There's an undeniable learning curve to the demi method, as it requires a careful eye and a basic understanding of color theory. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel to help.
Use the opposite end of a color wheel to find a complementary shade. For example, neutralize bluish-purple tones with an orange-yellow shade.
Before concealing problem spots, apply a color-correcting primer a shade darker than your skin tone on the light areas to even out the skin and make concealing easier.
Darken where light naturally hits, like the cheek and nose. Conceal dark circles with a thin line in the fold under the eye, the outer corner of the eye, and the nasolabial fold.
You'll need a color-correcting palette that contains tonal shades that match your skin tone, cream or liquid concealers, and high-precision brushes.
Finish with your usual makeup routine for a hybrid demi method with definition and sculpting. Skip the foundation and use bronzer, contour, blush, mascara, and shiny lip gloss.