Woman applying light blue eyeshadow
The Trendy Spring 2023 Eye Makeup Looks You Need To Try
Pops Of Color
The need for color, in both fashion and beauty, has increased this spring. Color will play a significant role in embracing your inner creativity.
Colors like shades of pink are becoming very popular to match some of the more feminine trends, and the point of it is to be anything but subtle.
Metallic Eyeshadows
Silver, gold, and bronze metallics will be spring's most sought-after eyeshadow colors. Metallic shades can help create a darker, rougher look or add a light shimmer.
Rhinestones & Gems
While rhinestones are not subtle, adding only a few can be an understated way of embracing this trend.
Spice up your everyday makeup by adding a few rhinestones to the inner or outer corner of your eyes. You can also create a rhinestone-only eye look to go full glam.
Strong Eyeliner
Current eye trends — siren eyes, doe eyes, and cat eyes — all require a strong eyeliner game. Spring 2023 is when we embrace eyeliners and underliners.
Eyeliner is always important, but the underliner is crucial to this new trend because it creates a bold statement look that can be done in any color.
Glossy Eye
Early in the year, we saw how more designers and brands were opting for a wet makeup look, and glossy eye makeup is the perfect way to incorporate the trend into day-to-day wear.
Add a balm or gel eyeshadow to your lids for that shiny and wet appearance. This simple eye look is ideal for those wanting to add some flair to their no-makeup-makeup look.