Close up of closed eye and eyelashes
The Trick To Hiding Unruly Regrowth Under Bleached Brows
Tinted Eyebrow Gel
Tinted eyebrow gel will not only keep stray eyebrow hairs in place, but the tint will also hide any unbleached areas to prevent them from standing out. Your choice of hair color will depend on your skin tone, but Grazia suggests going with a soft brunette or light blonde tint.
With a clean spoolie, comb a color corrector in the opposite direction of hair growth with a clean spoolie—an old mascara wand or toothbrush works just fine—and then the way you normally would. Follow this up by adding your concealer, followed by a translucent setting powder over the arch of your brows to keep everything in place.
Eyebrow Serum
Continually using bleach can lead to damaged, dry, and brittle hair. Stretching out the time between lightening sessions helps keep your eyebrows healthy; however, you should also add an eyebrow serum or conditioner to provide the strands with much-needed vitamins and peptides.