The Truth About Shrinking Your Pores
Pores are annoying to see every time you look in the mirror, but they actually serve a purpose, as they connect to your sweat glands and sebum, keeping your skin hydrated. However, when your pores fill with sebum and dirt, blackheads and acne appear, which is why you may want to shrink your pores to minimize their appearance.
However, despite the many products claiming to minimize pores, your pores can’t shrink. Genetics and skin type play a role in how big or small your pores are, and though you may think hot water opens up pores, it can only dilate them temporarily.
Although you can’t shrink pores, there are things you can do to make them look smaller, like using AHAs and BHAs, which will make sure dirt and oil don’t get clogged in your pores. You can also use retinol to make it look like your pores are tightening, but make sure to follow the instructions on the product, or you could harm your skin.