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The 'Tube Girl' TikTok Trend, Explained
London-based TikToker Sabrina Bahsoon, aka “Tube Girl," shared a video of herself dancing on the Tube, aka the London Underground, in August 2023. It has over 10 million views.
While Bahsoon's videos have promoted other social media users to mimic her confidence, she revealed to BBC that the initial idea actually came from wanting to be left alone.
"I have to commute everywhere because I live quite far out from everyone," Bahsoon told BBC. She said she would put on her music, which caused others to move away from her.
She noted that the music made her feel "more safe." Her idea to make a dance video came to her, and when a fellow commuter refused to film her, she decided to do it herself.
Despite exuding confidence in her videos, Bahsoon wasn't sure she wanted to post them at first and asked her siblings if she should, per Vulture. They gave her the green light.
Momentum picked up, and once her videos went viral, others began hopping on the trend. It wasn't long before Bahsoon landed her dream job at a huge cosmetics company.