The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Teeth Clean And Healthy
Brush Daily
Even with a busy schedule, the team at River Run Dental urges that you brush your teeth twice a day, as only brushing at night will put you at risk for gum disease, and only brushing in the morning may lead to cavities. According to Healthline, it’s best to do your morning brushing before you eat breakfast.
Floss Regularly
Flossing at least once a day helps remove any food stuck between teeth, and according to Jonathan Schwartz, DDS, it is also essential to reducing inflammation and stimulating the gums. Ideally, you should floss during your nighttime routine to remove any leftover food before settling in for the night.
Keep Your Gums Clean
Many people don’t know that poor gum hygiene can impact their overall oral health; gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, is painless and can be easy to miss, which is why it’s important to keep your gums clean and visit the dentist regularly. Luckily, gingivitis is easily treated, usually with a deep cleaning.
Change Your Toothbrush
A clean and well-structured toothbrush is essential for oral health as it can potentially harbor germs — it can also hurt your gums if the bristles are too hard or worn down. To ensure your toothbrush remains clean, rinse it after each brushing and store it upright; also, replace your brush every three to four months.
Brush Your Tongue
Healthline suggests scraping your tongue each time you brush your teeth to keep the buildup that leads to bad breath at bay. Tongue scraping can also improve your sense of taste, your tongue’s appearance, and remove bacteria that could lead to oral diseases — for best results, use an actual tongue scraper instead of a toothbrush.