Woman is placing a temporary henna tattoo on someone's arm
The Ultimate Guide To Temporary Tattoos
They Don’t Last Long
Press-on tattoos only last three to five days. If you’re wearing one to an event, apply it the day of or the day before or it’ll start peeling before you can show it off.
Shaving Yields Better Results
Shaving, waxing, or using hair removal cream before application will make the details pop and look smooth and clean without noticeable bumps from stubble or hair follicles.
Hairspray And Face Primer Can Make Them Last Longer
Face primer can be used to prep the skin for a press-on tattoo like it readies the skin for makeup, while hairspray helps the tattoo last longer and keeps it looking fresh.
Making DIY Press-On Tattoos
While you can find cute press-on tattoos from Etsy or various beauty brands, you can DIY your own at home using printable tattoo paper to draw exactly what you’re looking for.
Press-On Tattoo Removal
You can use rubbing alcohol to remove a press-on tattoo or use an exfoliating scrub to lift the tattoo and buff away any rough areas of dead skin cells.