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The Unexpected Mental Benefits Of Taking A Cold Shower
Increased Alertness
Cold showers shock our circulatory system and stimulate blood flow, which increases our mental clarity. The frigid water also encourages the body to release endorphins, so you’re likely to feel more mentally vibrant and ready to take on your day.
Stress Management
Immersing yourself in cold water addresses the parasympathetic nervous system, making you calmer and more able to deal with daily stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, try shocking your system with a cold shower to center yourself.
Reduced Anxiety
Along with getting our endorphins pumping, cold showers also reduce the cortisol hormone. This means we are less likely to experience overwhelming stress and anxiety, and are more centered and able to tackle stressful situations.
Improved Focus
Even though cold showers act as a small stressor to the body, they also help reduce inflammation, improve our immune system, and increase our ability to focus. Cold showers stimulate us in a physiological way that awakens parts of our brain that are usually ignored.
When To Take Cold Showers
Taking cold showers comes with some real mental improvements, and you don’t need to take one every day to reap the benefits. By turning down the temperature just two to three times a week, you'll start to notice the positive changes in your mental health.