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The Viral TikTok Hack That Will Give You Perfect Curls In Minutes
TikTok user @acquiredstyle made a video demonstrating how she achieved perfect curls in just four minutes by putting her hair up in a ponytail before curling.
Perfect for those in a rush, this hair-curling hack creates an excellent lazy-girl hairstyle that will make it look like you just had a fresh blowout.
Start by brushing your hair and putting it into a high ponytail. Take small sections of your hair and curl it with the iron until you do the entire ponytail.
Then, remove the hair tie and add hairspray to make the curls last all day. If your hair doesn't wrap around the barrel in a ponytail, simply purchase a different size.
If you have a lot of hair or it's thicker, divide your hair into two ponytails, instead. If you don't have a curling iron or wand, a flat iron works just as well.