The Winter Haircuts That Are Poised To Be Perfectly On-Trend
Heavy Bangs
There’s no better time to get bangs than the wintertime, as hairstylist Dhiran Mistry explains, “There's more coverage and less sweating.” Heavy bangs cover the forehead and barely show the brows, but if you want more forehead showing, consider heavy baby bangs.
Long Barbicore Locks
Barbiecore hair doesn’t have to be pastel-colored, nor does it have to be blonde; the goal of this haircut is to achieve long, voluminous hair that’s equal parts 1960s bombshell and 1990s supermodel. If you don’t have long hair you can get extensions, and if your hair isn’t voluminous, add more internal layers.
Buzzed Pixie
A buzzed pixie style is great if you’re tired of hanging onto the old, heavy hair that you’ve had since the pandemic. This bold look is not for the faint of heart, but if you suffer from post-buzz regret, you can rock winter hats, thick headbands, and snoods in the winter until it grows back.
Blunt Bobs & Lobs
Before getting a chop, decide if you want a shorter bob or a longer lob, both on-trend this winter. Face shape plays a big role as bobs flatter heart-shaped faces, while round or square faces look great with longer lobs. Shorter bobs may also require more styling, while lobs tend to be lower maintenance.
Jellyfish Haircut
The term ‘futuristic mullet’ may come to mind the first time you see this short blunt cut in the front and longer hair in the back. However, while the jellyfish haircut may be bold, there are enough variations to choose from that anyone can pull it off.