The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be All-In On Their Relationships
Empathetic Cancer
Cancers are incredibly loyal and have a one-track mindset, and WikiHow says they never “dream of cheating on a partner or betraying a friend.” Astrotalk says a Cancer “gives you all of them, and you would rarely have the reasons to doubt their love.”
Passionate Scorpio
MSN writes, “A Scorpio will defend their loved ones in any situation,” so although they are intense beings, they’ll always be there to fight and support a loved one. Once a Scorpio has found their partner for life, they’ll never risk losing them.
Reliable Virgo
Similar to Cancer, Astrotalk writes that “the thought of getting caught cheating is very horrific to imagine for [a Virgo].” Virgos are rational and goal-oriented, so screwing with their own relationship is not on their radar, and their reliability and commitment make them very loyal and fierce lovers.
Loyal Capricorn
Capricorns never think of cheating because commitment is a serious thing for them, and they’re honest to a fault. Once a Capricorn feels safe and secure in a relationship, they are locked in and will fantasize about their future intently.
Bold Aries
For Aries, their partners are their life, and they will fight for their relationship to work, regardless of what hurdles they must go through. Breaking up is not an option for Aries, and their bold and passionate personalities will make them fight and protect their relationship until the end.