The Zodiac Signs Most Willing To Brave Any Challenge
Astrologer Ellen Bowles explains that “Aries is the first sign of the western astrological wheel, meaning they have no fear when it comes to trying new things or putting themselves out there.” They’re never afraid to say what’s on their mind, have no fear of competition, and will likely accept any challenge.
Leos are brave because of their super confident perspectives. They aren’t afraid of failure, so they attempt challenges that other signs wouldn’t even consider. They’re also comfortable in large groups of people, making them great leaders and performers.
People belonging to this sign have determination mixed with a realistic mindset, making them feel tough enough to risk facing what scares them. Their realistic mindset also means they don’t have traditional fears, like getting hurt, being alone in the dark, or even dying.
People belonging to the Sagittarius sign are typically courageous and don’t think of the worst-case scenario of any situation first. They would rather think about having fun instead of being scared and you can expect them to face fear as an exciting adventure or learning experience.
Astrologer Ellen Bowles states that an Aquarian’s “bravery is based on their willingness to go against the grain and rebel against what's acceptable or the norm." They’re also passionate about helping people and brave enough to sacrifice their safety to help others in dangerous situations.