A man hiking to reach the top of a mountain summit at sunset along the UK coastline. Photo composite.
The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Adventurous
The most adventurous of the zodiac is Sagittarius. They are extroverted explorers who have a zest for life and always want to try new things. Sagittarians are also adaptable and open-minded, so they are not afraid of change.
Aries have an innate sense of action and adventure that carries them through life. Those born under this sign are curious at heart, fearless, and aren’t afraid of taking risks in their careers and relationships.
Scorpios are brave and powerful people who aren’t afraid to explore the darker sides of life. People born under this sign love adventure, discovering hidden truths, and finding meaning in life’s greatest mysteries.
Aquarians are thought not to be overly adventurous because they are a fixed sign. However, while they might share some traits with other fixed signs, they have a radical nature that allows them to forge new, unexpected paths and they’re open-minded and self-confident.
Geminis view every day as an adventure and aren’t bothered by last-minute changes because it allows them to forge new paths. They like to have fun and since their minds are in a constant whir, they are allowed to explore their thoughts and experience new activities.