The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Neatest To Messiest
Neatest: Virgo
Virgos are the tidiest of the zodiac signs because they’re very organized, logical, and observant. They prefer a structured environment and can even be perfectionists, and it’s not unlikely they’ll judge someone for being messy.
Mostly Neat: Scorpio
Scorpios try to live life with as little stress as possible, so they’re willing to clean their environment if it’s giving them stress. Scorpios might not have cleaning on their mind, but if they see a messy pile, they’ll eventually get the job done.
Slightly Messy: Aquarius
Aquarians know how to keep their space clean, but they have so much on their mind, cleaning is not a priority. They are progressive, independent, freethinking people, so instead of cleaning in their free time, you can find them reading a book or watching a thought-provoking movie.
Mostly Neat: Cancer
Cancers are sensitive caretakers who prioritize comfort, so if they have a messy environment, they most likely feel cramped and congested. Their bedroom is a safe haven, so keeping it clean is important to them; cancers are emotional beings so they have a hard time throwing out items due to their sentimental value.
Messiest: Leo
Leos are creative, warm-hearted, and cheerful beings, but they’re also one of the messiest astrological signs. Leos often leave a trail of mess behind them, and unfortunately, you probably won't have much luck trying to convince them to clean up after themselves.