The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Ready-To-Fight To Perfectly Peaceful
Leos don’t like to share the spotlight, and you shouldn’t risk ignoring them, since that will lead to another fiasco. Prepare yourself when you’re fighting with a Leo, because it’ll be tough to come out unscathed.
Scorpios are loyal and protective of their inner circle, but they are emotionally driven, so once provoked, they will strike back. If you think you’re forgiven, think again, because Scorpios have a hard time letting things go, so it’ll take a lot to resolve the issue.
Tauruses are known for being stubborn, and they value making their own decisions. A Taurus will insist on coming up with solutions on their own, and when they feel backed up against a wall, they’ll stop communicating altogether.
Cancers are notoriously sensitive, but they’re also nurturing and intuitive. They’re looking for emotional security and can be very protective of their loved ones, but they don’t take criticism well and will most likely overthink and brood even after an argument.
Sagittarius gets a lot of credit for being ethical, but when it comes to arguments, it’s tough to convince them that their side of the story isn’t exactly right. The good news is they’re prone to flexibility, which means that tense moments can dissipate into a discussion about mutual growth.