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The Zodiac Signs That Are Always Attentively Listening
While someone's zodiac sign doesn’t mean they automatically have great listening skills, where they land on the astrology chart tends to make some people more attentive listeners than others. Some might be a surprising choice given their reputations, but these signs could be your best bets the next time you need someone to talk to.
Caring Cancers have lots of feelings of their own, so you can expect them to listen to you when you talk about your problems for hours on end and they’ll appreciate you doing the same for them. Helpful Scorpios will likely be there for you no matter what time it is, and they’ll probably even want to snap you out of your funk with some good advice, too.
Geminis are social and as long as they're involved in the discussion, they enjoy every aspect of a conversation — talking or listening. Peaceful Libras love harmony and want others to also be in their happy place, so they will gladly listen and do whatever it takes to see their loved ones smile, including offering words of comfort.
Last but not least, empathetic (and born psychologists) Pisces are super caring people who don’t judge your emotions and are compassionate helpers who will likely listen carefully and intuitively. You probably won't even have to ask them to be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, they’ll instinctively know when you need them and be there for you.