The Zodiac Signs That Are Super Stubborn
Notoriously Stubborn Taurus
"Stubborn" is one of the first words that typically come up when describing a Taurus. They are headstrong, resistant to change, stick to their routine, and will stand their ground until the bitter end.
Rule-Following Capricorn
Capricorns are rule enforcers who typically won’t change their strict opinions for anyone else, often refusing to compromise. Capricorns are also excellent at resisting peer pressure and when they say no, they mean no.
Unstoppable Aries
If you challenge an Aries, get ready for an intense – and potentially offensive – conversation. In an argument, Aries will typically show no mercy to their opponent, keep arguing for hours, and refuse to give up only so they can say they won the debate.
Famously Intense Scorpios
A Scorpio’s stubbornness is excellent for making hard-to-reach ambitions come true. However, their dedicated and headstrong nature might keep them stuck in a bad situation even when red flags abound.